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Thinking About Taking A Gap Year?

March 7th, 2017 Posted by post secondary education, student assistance No Comment yet

It’s already March. Where did February go?

For many grade 12 students, the applications to Universities, Colleges and other continuing education options are completed – with a big sigh of relief! It’s a time consuming and nerve wracking process – did I complete all of the necessary information correctly, when will I hear back from the institutions and what will be the outcome? It becomes the topic of conversation and focus at school and at home. Some youth find the decision making overwhelming, they just aren’t ready to commit time and money to uncertainty and may be lacking in professional guidance. As a Certified Career Counsellor, I have identified/confirmed suitable career paths for many of youth in my practice, but it’s not always a cookie cutter outcome. (more…)

Don’t Burn That Career Bridge

April 16th, 2016 Posted by Development, post secondary education No Comment yet

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This commonly used expression hails from army days when in war, one adversary crosses a river and once their troops arrive on the far bank, burns the bridge behind them to prevent further enemy attack. There is a natural consequence to this tactic: Your team is now trapped on the other side with no route of return. (more…)

How I Became a Self-Employed Career Consultant

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When I graduated from a Career Development Practitioner program in 2005, I’d never have predicted I would eventually venture out on my own and launch a private career counselling business.

Entrepreneurship was never in my realm of thought; I am not a risk taker. Over the years, I have consistently scored full-strength on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool as an ESFJ (Extravert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging). The letter that stands out as not typical to exploring the self-employment path is the J for judging. ESFJ’s tend to prefer “a planned or orderly way of life, like to have things settled and organized, feel more comfortable when decisions are made, and like to bring life under control as much as possible.” (more…)

Call the Handyman

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The Local Grapevine

I like to put aside the time to read the local newspaper, in my case, The Peace Arch Paper. It has always provided a link to the community as you read through features such as lifestyles, the editorial and the listings of local garage sales. You learn what homegrown businesses are featuring in their sales and see names of friends’ children with the sports, school projects and community work where they hang their hats. (more…)

Hello, I’m Jane, the Founder of Career Crossroads. I thrive on counselling teens and adults to realize their goals, fulfill their dreams and manage their talents through the career exploration process. I live in Surrey, BC with my husband and three sons, who are all pursuing post-secondary education at universities across Canada and beyond.

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