Post Secondary

If you identify with 1 or more of the following statements, you are an ideal client ~

• A grade 10, 11 or 12 high school student wishing to keep your ``doors open`` • Unsure of which grade 11/12 academics to take • Seeking confirmation that your education goal is on the right track • Considering post secondary education or a gap year? • Already graduated and wanting to continue your education • Pondering the alternative to work first? • Unable to identify your strengths - trades, science, the arts • Unfamiliar with vastness of programs and campuses across Canada • How much will this cost, tuition living expenses?

Bronze Package: Education and Career Exploration


Overview of Post Secondary education – GPA, academic requirements, scholarships, personal statements, application

Silver Package: College/University Exploration and Campus Culture


Detailed look at academic programs and class structure

Gold Package: The “All-Inclusive”


Staying on top of your game – establish timelines, checklists, deadlines

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