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The Local Grapevine

I like to put aside the time to read the local newspaper, in my case, The Peace Arch Paper. It has always provided a link to the community as you read through features such as lifestyles, the editorial and the listings of local garage sales. You learn what homegrown businesses are featuring in their sales and see names of friends’ children with the sports, school projects and community work where they hang their hats.

April 8th found me once again enjoying the glorious sunshine in our backyard, reading an article by Nick Greenizan (“reverse angle”) with the title “Having a guy pays off every time” – this caught my attention. Where is it leading? The “coles notes” version is Nick grew up with a Dad who worked with contractors for 4 decades and always managed to have just the right person to call when a pipe was leaking, a car needed a quick repair etc. He often teased his Dad of knowing way too many people. However, as Nick reached adulthood, he realized the value of the connections his Dad had created throughout his employed years and stored in his “mental rolodex.” Some may be asking, “What is a rolodex?” Long before uploading contact information on our phones and computers became a common practice, an index card system on a rotating cylinder was the favourite tool among businesses for a quick phone number check.

As I continued through the article, it occurred to me that knowing specialists/professionals in the community is a valuable perk that we must continue to share. When asking a friend for their stylists’ contact information, I am a step ahead of walking into a random shop. I trust my friend (and have evidence of the finished creation up close), she can text me the phone number at anytime and I don’t need to wait for her to get home to flip through her rolodex. The local chain of communication has existed since time began; I hope it doesn’t go the way of the dinosaur. In my opinion, having that personal assurance is a valued endorsement.

So, appreciate contact names that are passed along. If the service or product met your expectations, pay it forward to someone who would also benefit and be sure to add it to your contact list whether it’s on your iphone or your rolodex.

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