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As the principal of Crossroads Career Counselling, Jane Keresztes understands the need to find success and happiness in a career. She has successfully counselled 15 to 60 year olds in the public and private sector and has established a strong reputation in the community. She proudly serves the Surrey/White Rock area, Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast with personal one to one career consultations.

Jane is known for her kindness and compassion when assisting clients in career transition and offers top-notch support throughout the process.

Considering Post Secondary Education?

If you are a high school student wanting to confirm your course selection to keep your doors open, or an adult seeking guidance in education or job search, Jane offers the complete package in a personalized and focused environment where you are the most important person in the room.

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Learn from Jane on her segment on Passionpreneur TV.

Considering a Career Change?

It all begins with the completion of a simple online personality assessment with results focusing on the applicant’s strengths, interests, traits and a concise list of suitable career choices. In addition to identifying further paths to education and training, Jane is fully versed in creating target resumes, cover letters and up to date labour market information through continual learning.

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Career Decision Making

My mission is to educate and motivate clients to manage their careers through competent individualized service.

Step 1: Self Assessment

Self Assessment is a “tool” that examines personality traits but is the foundation of career exploration. With the completion of The Type Focus, The John Holland Code and/or the COPS (Career Occupational Preference), we can determine suitable career sectors to warrant further exploration and research for a secure future in an ever-changing marketplace.

It’s important to understand you, where your strengths and abilities lie by committing to this valuable exercise.

Step 2: Research

Matching your interests and talents to discover career opportunities.

Job Search:

Employment trends
Labour market information
Social media presence
Volunteer and internship opportunities
Informational interviews and job shadowing


Grade 11/12 class options – specifics regarding minimal entrance requirements
Review of recent transcript and GPA
Post secondary choices – trades, community colleges/universities, gap year
Scholarships and academic awards
Volunteering, involvement in sports and the arts, leadership

Step 3: Career decision making

  • Set short and long-term goals based on your research and labour market review
  • Create an action plan to strategically balance life and career goals
  • Provide follow up support and resource material

Step 4: Self Marketing

Network with contacts, friends, family and community members
Create targeted résumés and cover letters based on job postings
Portfolio with examples of projects and examples of previous work
Personal brand – business cards, follow up communication
Highlighting skills and abilities to prepare for interviews
Mock interviews with commonly asked questions

Meet Jane

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Jane Keresztes

Principal and Founder

As the Principal and Founder of Crossroads Career Counselling, I often hear “I wish I had taken the time earlier in my life to understand my personality and employment opportunities.” The good news is…. it’s never too late!

My post secondary education began with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of NB and completion of the Career Practitioner Program at Kwantlen University College. I hold the CCDP (Certified Career Development Practitioner ) and Type Focus Practitioner designations. In order to enhance my knowledge, training and network opportunities, I attend labour market presentations, community assemblies and presentations by other career and education experts.

At Crossroads Career Counselling, we understand the difficulty in finding a career and education path that is in harmony with your interests, values, personality traits and abilities. For over 11 years, we have successfully helped clients of all ages both in the public and private sectors. We have established a very strong reputation for our professional and personal approach throughout the career exploration practice.

It all begins with a simple online personality assessment which leads to a concise list of suitable careers and educational options. We are skilled at creating targeted resumes and cover letters while understanding the need for an “E presence.”

Whether you are a high school student applying to university or an adult creating your path or re-defining your vocation, we offer the complete service in a personalized and professional environment where you are the most important person in the room.

Post Secondary

If you identify with 1 or more of the following statements, you are an ideal client ~

• A grade 10, 11 or 12 high school student wishing to keep your ``doors open`` • Unsure of which grade 11/12 academics to take • Seeking confirmation that your education goal is on the right track • Considering post secondary education or a gap year? • Already graduated and wanting to continue your education • Pondering the alternative to work first? • Unable to identify your strengths - trades, science, the arts • Unfamiliar with vastness of programs and campuses across Canada • How much will this cost, tuition living expenses?

Bronze Package: Education and Career Exploration


Overview of Post Secondary education – GPA, academic requirements, scholarships, personal statements, application

Silver Package: College/University Exploration and Campus Culture


Detailed look at academic programs and class structure

Gold Package: The “All-Inclusive”


Staying on top of your game – establish timelines, checklists, deadlines

Contact Jane to discuss your Post-Secondary options

Career Transition

If you identify with 1 or more of the following statements, you are an ideal client~

• Currently employed and wondering what else is out there? • ``Underemployed`` feeling unfulfilled and no room for upward movement • Facing roadblocks finding work - a ``now job`` or a long term career • Seeking work/life balance • Unable to identify your strengths • Considering some, additional post secondary education • Require upgrading to advance in your field • Looking for a change of environment - less stress, closer to home • A parent returning to work • Considering the entrepreneurial path • Lack of networking opportunities • Outdated resume and cover letter • Nervous of the interview process and follow up etiquette • Struggle with calling potential employers for an informational interview • Lacking references • Need confirmation you are on the right path

Bronze Package: Initial Career Search


Preliminary career exploration to
identify “best-fit career”

Silver Package: Occupation Research


Target employment opportunities, labour market information and skill identification

Gold Package: The “All-Inclusive”


Targeted resumes, cover letters, interview skills and network opportunities

Call Jane to set up your Career Transition intake session

What our clients say

From the blog

Thinking About Taking A Gap Year?

It’s already March. Where did February go?

For many grade 12 students, the applications to Universities, Colleges and other continuing education options are completed – with a big sigh of relief! It’s a time consuming and nerve wracking process – did I complete all of the necessary information correctly, when will I hear back from the institutions and what will be the outcome? It becomes the topic of conversation and focus at school and at home. Some youth find the decision making overwhelming, they just aren’t ready to commit time and money to uncertainty and may be lacking in professional guidance. As a Certified Career Counsellor, I have identified/confirmed suitable career paths for many of youth in my practice, but it’s not always a cookie cutter outcome. […]

Don’t Burn That Career Bridge

career counselling, career transition, post secondary, career counselling,

This commonly used expression hails from army days when in war, one adversary crosses a river and once their troops arrive on the far bank, burns the bridge behind them to prevent further enemy attack. There is a natural consequence to this tactic: Your team is now trapped on the other side with no route of return. […]

How I Became a Self-Employed Career Consultant

career crossroads, university education, second career, career development

When I graduated from a Career Development Practitioner program in 2005, I’d never have predicted I would eventually venture out on my own and launch a private career counselling business.

Entrepreneurship was never in my realm of thought; I am not a risk taker. Over the years, I have consistently scored full-strength on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool as an ESFJ (Extravert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging). The letter that stands out as not typical to exploring the self-employment path is the J for judging. ESFJ’s tend to prefer “a planned or orderly way of life, like to have things settled and organized, feel more comfortable when decisions are made, and like to bring life under control as much as possible.” […]


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